Tip: Try to only set your goals to be about 1" to 1.5" larger than what you are now.
Once you achieve that goal size you can set a new goal.

Tip: DO NOT EXPECT MIRACULOUS GAINS IN THE FIRST MONTH. Gains of 1/8" to 1/4" a month are ideal.
Tip: Remember, quality, not quantity. Try not to focus on how much exercising you can do but more the quality of your technique.
Tip: A plateau is not a bad thing, it is your body playing catch up with your gains.

Does this program really work?

Yes it does, but it requires time, persistence, and dedication. If you treat this program as if it were a weight lifting routine and stick with it for several months you will see gains.
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When can I expect to see my first gains?

Most begin to see their first gains at around the second week with others seeing gains after their 2nd or 3rd month, some even see gains as soon as the first exercise session. You can expect to see flaccid gains before erect gains as your penis becomes more accustomed to the increased blood flow.
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Tip: One of the main factors in acquiring growth is dedication to the program.

Do I have to do the Hot Wraps?

Hot Wraps should not be considered optional as they serve two main purposes.

  • First they serve to loosen connective tissues so they can stretch more easily with less risk of injury.
  • Second the hot wraps serve to increase penile circulation which in turn increases the amount of nutrients that reach your penis.

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How do I find my pc muscle?

An easy to find your pc muscle is;
When urinating, stop the flow of urine without using your hands, and no, it's not your anal sphincter or your abdominal muscles. After time you will get good at it and will be able to do it whenever you want, this is flexing your pc muscle. For starters stop the flow of urine as many times as you can every time you go. After a few days you will be able to do it whenever you want. Try and do as many Kegels as you can every day.
Kegels are the exercise that work the pubococcygeal (pc) muscle.
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Tip: Try not to flex your abdominal muscles while doing this exercise.
Tip: Have your significant other do these as well.
Tip: DO NOT do more than 5 - 7 when urinating.

I'm not circumcised, is there anything special I should do to do the exercises?

Not necessarily, the exesices works for both circumcised penises as not.
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Tip: When doing the hot wraps be sure and retract your foreskin if you are uncut so that the heat can efficiently get to your penis head.

What are these little blue spots I keep getting and how do I make them go away?

Don't worry, this is a common condition known to medical types as petechiae, or bleeding directly into the skin resulting in a few or many tiny bruises. They are not permanent and will slowly disappear over the next few days. Take a few days off from the exercises, it won't hurt anything, but continue to do the hot wraps for 5 - 10 minutes three times a day if you can. If they persist over the next few days even though you are taking time off from the exercises themselves or they are growing larger seek medical attention.
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Is there an exercise I can do that will just increase my girth?

Not really, the exercises all work together in conjunction with one another. I could say just jelqing with no stretching but even that will get you some length if you are genetically inclined.
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Is there an exercise that I can do which will increase just my length?

Stretching alone may do it but you may still see some girth increase with the possibility of a slight loss of girth. If you do elect to do just the stretching try and include five or ten minutes of jelqing to encourage tissue growth and enhance circulation.
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Can I do the exercises twice a day?

The ideal heal time for tissues in your body is 48 hours, (depending on the tissue type, muscle tissue is one of the the fastest, nerve tissue is the slowest at 1 to 2 mm a month). When you exercise more than once a day you are not giving Mr. Penis time to heal correctly, often times at the sacrifice of growth.
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I'm just starting, is there anywhere I can get a sample routine to follow until I get the hang of things?

  1. Begin with a ten minute hot wrap
  2. Then do about 15 - 20 minutes of Xtenders
  3. Now work yourself up to a partial erection and do about 15 - 20 minutes of Jelqing
  4. After all that finish up with a final Hot Wrap of 10 - 15 minutes

Do this 6 days a week.
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Tip: Try and do at least 300 - 500 Kegels a day, (the more the better).
Tip: Try not to flex your abdominal muscles while doing these exercises.

How can I keep from getting erect when jelqing or stretching?

When you are just starting out on the program your penis is accustomed to getting hard from the stimulation because it is always being used for the same thing, get hard, get stimulated, achieve orgasm and ejaculation. After a couple weeks to a few months your penis will be accustomed to the exercises and the erections should be more controllable. During these first few weeks if you get an erection take a few seconds or minutes to let it subside, you won't hurt anything as all these first few weeks are for is so that Mr. Penis, (and you), can get accustomed to the exercises.
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When I Jelq I get a little, (or a lot) sore, is this normal?

Check the soreness and see what is causing it, you may just need to trim the pubic hair right at the base of your penis. Is it a sharp pain or just a dull discomfort? Are you doing the hot wraps? 
A slight discomfort/soreness is normal and should pass as your penis and all supportive structures get used to the exercises. Try not to stop, a slight discomfort is normal, if the pain is sharp or is strong enough to keep you from exercising take a few days off from the exercises while continuing to do the hot wraps.
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Why can't I use the pump and get the same effects?

The pump causes tiny air bubbles to form in your penis which can cause tissue atrophy, (tissue death), instead of growth. When you Jelq you are building positive pressure within your penis, encouraging circulation and encouraging tissue growth, when you use the pump you are decreasing, (and possibly stopping), the blood flow to your penis. One of the more serious implications of using the pump is the formation of air bubbles within the penile tissues, divers know this as the "bends", (affects the entire body), a potentially fatal condition. These air bubbles can cause irritation, the formation of scar tissue, and quite possibly tissue atrophy, (tissue death), if done in excess.
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What is the correct way to measure length?

First, while standing, get an erection. Okay, now gently angle your penis down until it is parallel to the floor. Set your ruler against your pubic bone just above the base of the penis, and measure to the tip. That's how the doctors do it.
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Tip: Do a few Kegels before measuring, then you are sure to be fully erect.

Can I ejaculate right before, during, or after exercising?

When you ejaculate your body goes through several chemical and physical changes, first your blood testosterone levels begin to drop, second, all your connective tissues begin to tighten as well, it is best to wait at least several hours after completion of the exercises before ejaculating, just as it is also important not to ejaculate for at least several hours before exercising as well.
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I have achieved my target size, now what do I do?

Congrats, you worked hard for it, now lets keep it.
Once you have achieved your target size you will need to do a maintenance routine for a couple months in order for the growth to catch up to your current exercise size. This routine consists of the same exercises you do now, just done less frequently. For example, you would only exercise for two or three days a week and would do the same exercises for about half the time you are currently doing them.
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Tip: Continue to do the Kegels whenever you think about doing them even after stopping the exercises.